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5 Critical-Stage Confidence Booster for Kids

There are few periods of our lives that are so critical and remarkably important relative to every other aspect. These moments not only decide how every other parts of our lives will be, it pretty constructs and locks down the entire course of our existence.

Among such moments are the moments of childhood. Childhood is beautiful, amazing, and every single one of us look back at it with an inevitable naivete and nostalgia.  But – it is also a very critical stage in our lives, and as such, some of us look back at it with deep regrets. And among some of the things we regret the most about it, is that it was the source of our loss of self confidence. 

Self-Confidence Booster, Irredeemable? 

Some say that once you lose you self-confidence it is impossible to get it back. While this may be true to an extent it is also quite debatable. One thing, however, that is certain and undoubtable, is that self-confidence is a skill that is best acquired at a young age.

Confidence Booster for Kids, Five Tips

1. Praise, Praise, Praise

This actually does seem like a no-brainer at first. I mean these are our kids and we know how impressionable they are, so it should be a natural thing that we try our best to compliment them as much as possible.  But you’ll be surprised just how many parents neglect to do this, and not just out of indifference but because in actuality life tends to throw so many things at us that we forget to do the simpler things – one of which is telling our kids they’ve done a good job. Choosing to praise them for the little tasks, you’ll find, is amazingly effective at preparing then for the other tougher tasks of life.

2. Taking a Step Back

Kids need guidance. There is absolutely no doubt about that, but being overbearing is absolutely not the same as guidance. Sometimes as parents you need to take a step back and let your kid do things for him or herself – and by so doing acquire the confidence requored to go out there at life, alone when the time comes – and make no mistake, the time WILL come.

3. Positivity

Life is a pool of negatives and positives. This is quite literally the building block of Life. Positives will interact with negatives. Bad times will interact with the good times. The highs will interact with the lows.  There is no avoiding this. 

The best you can do for your child, however, and their self-confidence, is to always choose to focus more on the positive.  To also teach them that even though the negatives may come and seem insurmountable; even though the time comes that they stumble and fall, getting up is the most important thing in the end.  You not only have to help them get up, you also have to teach them to focus on the fact of getting up – instead of the fact of falling down.

Love, Love, Love

Be it in adulthood or childhood, the one thing we all need in life is love. Love is so important particularly because it help reinforces us in every single aspect of our lives.  No less in the area of self confidence. Once you love your kids and show that love, with encouragement and positivity and the fact of being there for them and they knowing that there is someone who has their back – the sky is really the beginning. 


All the above will never be complete or effective without the proper required moderation. Never do anything to the extreme. Too much pampering is spoiling. To much praise won’t let them focus on what it takes to get better. There will always be extremes in life, and most of the time true wisdom comes from the way we manage those extremes. This ks the way to truly grow.


Must-Have Habits of a Healthy Child

Must-Have Habits of a Healthy Child

Proper child development is critical because it inevitably affects every other area of a child’s future – from self confidence to hygiene to day-to-day interactions with peer groups for life. Which is why developing a proper hygiene right from the early stage is a must for Every Parent to teach their kids. And this is why we have prepared this guide for you on the 6 must-have habits that a healthy child must possess.

Must-Have Habits of a Healthy Child, Six Commandments

1. Early To Bed

Early to bed early to rise makes a kid healthy wealthy and wise is a popular saying that has perhaps been cliched but nonetheless is true. Giving your kid a definite bedtime routine that makes it so that they are in bed latest by 9 p.m. and get a solid 8 hours minimum of sleep is invaluable when it comes to their genuine development.

2. Safety Rules

Some parents are of the thought that following simple safety rules make them seem pedantic or dictatorial, but this could not be further from the truth. Kids must learn to follow safety rules from a very young age – most particularly the simple ones that may be overlooked: for instance, properly walking on the right side of the street, following the zebra crossing, getting off on the right side of the car, not meddling with stoves or other heated materials of high temperature to name a few.

3. Stranger Danger

This is another safety rule that may be overlooked due to the fact of it widespread usage. But overlooking this would definitely be a mistake on any parents part. Children specifically at a young age of 3 to 6 should be repeatedly told to not trust just anybody because the truth is they are gullible, and highly impressionable, and as such might be too easy a target for unscrupulous people all over.

4. Eating Healthy is wise

Kids should be thought and made conscious of the advantages of eating healthy. They need to be encouraged to consume only healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, and to stay away from sugar and fatty snacks. Not only should be encouraged, too, they should also be made aware of the fact and the reasons behind this.

5. Staying Hydrated

It is no secret that water helps the human system in numerous ways. No secret, that is, to an adult. But to a young impressionable child, this might not be very well known. Many of us, in fact, found out at a very late age. But teaching kids the advantage of staying hydrated makes it so that the negative effects of lack of proper hydration would never have a chance to set in.

6. Sharing is Caring

The importance of this can – maybe even quite literally – never be overstated.

Sharing is caring.

And one of the most effective and most important ways of ensuring proper hygiene is not only by caring for others but by sharing with them the things that we have and know. This may not seem obvious at first, but like most random acts of human kindness, the effect comes back to us in ways that we might not even be aware of, but the indubitable fact will always remain that: it always come back.

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